Year: 2018

Dr. Sanjeev Nayak publishes in Scripta Mater. on GP Zone Formation

Dr. Sanjeev Nayak in collaboration with Dr. Rainer Heber and MSE PhD student Cain Hung develop methods to describe GP zone formation in Al-Cu and Al-Ag alloys. Results published in Scripta Mater.

S. K. Nayak, C. Hung, R. J. Hebert, and S. P. Alpay, “Atomistic Origins of Guinier-Preston Zone Formation and Morphology in Al-Cu and Al-Ag Alloys from First Principles,” Scripta Mater. 162, 235 –240 (2019)

Tulsi Patel Defends PhD Thesis!

Tulsi defended her dissertation on “Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Ferroelectric Oxides and Aerospace Alloys” last Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. Her work involved integrating functionality into metallic structural components using additive manufacturing. She will begin an NRC Research Associateship at the Air Force Research Laboratory early 2019, researching new ceramic matrix composite systems for high-temperature aerospace applications.

Graphene Supported Single Atom Transition Metal Catalysts

Dr. Sanjubala Sahoo and colleagues have provided insight for the origin of high catalytic activity for graphene-supported single transition metal atoms for activation of methane molecules. The paper entitled “Graphene Supported Single Atom Transition Metal Catalysts for Methane Activation” published in ChemCatChem, Volume 10, page 3229 (2018) co-authored by S. Sahoo, S. L. Suib and S. P. Alpay was a cover feature for the journal.

Surface phase diagrams of Titanium

Sanjubala Sahoo and colleagues provide an atomistic level understanding for the interaction of titanium with atmospheric molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen as a function of temperature and gas partial pressure. Findings published in Surface Science 677, 18 (2018). Read more here:

Yomery Espinal and ARL on direct and indirect pyroelectric measurement

Yomery Espinal and colleagues in Army Research Lab investigated both direct and indirect methods to measure pyroelectric behavior in lead zirconate titanate thin films. Their findings were published in the Journal of Applied Physics.
Y. Espinal, S. P. Alpay, M. Howard, B. Hanrahan, ” Dielectric Properties and Resistive Switching Characteristics of Lead Zirconate Titanate/ Hafnia Heterostructures”, J. Appl. Phys. 124 (2018)